In 1995, the brand Jollibean was started under the arm of Sushi Deli Pte Ltd with the aim of offering soy-related beverages and street snacks made with the finest ingredients, in the freshest possible manner; manufactured on a daily basis in a clean, modern environment using the quick service concept. The fundamental concept of a healthy lifestyle inspired Jollibean to give the traditional and once plain-looking soy milk and mee chiang kueh a new lease of life. The core value of the brand lies in delighting customers with great value and convenience.

In 2002, Sushi Deli Pte Ltd was privatized. At considering the rate at which the Company was expanding its Jollibean outlets, the Company changed its name to Jollibean Foods Pte Ltd in 2005 to better reflect the Company's business direction.

Today, Jollibean Foods has 31 outlets under 3 brand concepts, namely "Jollibean", "Sushi Deli" and "Kopi Alley" in Singapore.